Linkshouse, The Palace, Birsay, KW17 2LX, United Kingdom

Erlend Williamson Art Fellowship

An Orkney based residency that is dedicated to
the support of promising artists, curators, designers and other creative practitioners, while also promoting the work of the late Erlend Williamson.

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Erlend Williamson Art Fellowship
Scottish Charity number: SC041332
Scottish Company registration
number: SC373411
SIC classification: 90040


The mission of the Erlend Williamson Art Fellowship is to provide research residencies connected to the Scottish Highlands and Islands for artists (filmmakers, musicians, writers, designers and performers) and their families. Our low-fi residencies are based at Linkshouse, a large self catering establishment situated on the coast at the North West corner of Orkney’s mainland.

Our residency programme provides space to research and to make work but we are particularly committed to supporting mid career practitioners extend and develop outside of their ‘everyday’ commitments and responsibilities. Linkshouse is especially suited for developing and testing out ideas away from usual audiences and expectations.

We accept applications for research residencies all year round and are committed to being inclusive. Linkshouse is also available for self catering letting on request.


EWAF is a Fellowship of Artists led by Directors Andy Law, Jo McGonigal, Ross Sinclair and Maria Fusco. The Fellowship members are Ania Rachmat, Paul Wood, Mary Griffiths, Russ Hart, Michael Butterworth and Mark Wayman. Ione Swift is our Linkshouse Caretaker.


Contact us by writing to Jo McGonigal (